How It Works

Winston, the speech coaching bot, gives feedback through voice analysis and artificial intelligence on multiple dimensions:

  • Pitch: the rise and the fall of your voice
  • Pace: the speed of delivery
  • Pauses: a pause turns a monologue into a dialogue with the audience
  • Volume: how often do you shift the gears of volume?

Thanks to its large database of speeches and the vast experience of the team, Winston can provide you with powerful and honest insights and feedback. You can follow exercises on how to improve your speaking skills, reduce your nerves and become a winning communicator.

Winston understands more than 120 languages and dialects.

Screenshot of an example report, showing a general overview, and more detaisl about pitch

Three Steps to Improve

Step 1: Upload or record

Use your laptop or smartphone to upload an audio or video file with your speech, or record it directly through our web interface.

Step 2: Get your report

Winston tells you how well you performed on the measured dimensions, including tips how to do it differently next time.

Step 3: Practise

You can rehearse your speech with Winston multiple times. Moreover, Winston provides exercises for specific needs, like slowing down your speaking pace or pitching a new product.