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The Team

We are Thomas Vervaet, Yannick Clybouw and Tim Govaert. We come from diverse backgrounds and found each other when we started the Toastmasters club in Ghent, Belgium. We liked working together so much that we founded TEDxGhent a year afterwards.

Now, we are combining our love for public speaking with our passion for building an organization and our mission to help people.

Thomas Vervaet


Speaker Coach and Trainer

Co-Founder of TEDxGhent and Toastmasters Gent

World Champion of Speech Evaluation in Dutch

Yannick Clybouw


Speaker Coach at TEDxGhent

10 years active in Toastmasters Gent

The Technical Guy

Tim Govaert

Business Angel

Expert Entrepreneurship at VOKA

Co-Founder of TEDxGhent and Toastmasters Gent

Contact Us

+32 494 59 98 24 // info@winston-analytics.com // Twitter // Instagram // LinkedIn // Facebook

Address: Winston-Analytics B.V.B.A., Frederik Burvenichstraat 48, 9050 GENT, Belgium

VAT: BE 0697.748.615

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